J Bracken Finnell

The entire staff recently attended a dental conference for continuing education.  There was much to be learned because dentistry is constantly evolving.  Below you will find a brief description of those things we brought back with us and will be incorporating into our dental practice.    

Diastema's/Dark Triangle's

Bioclear is a minimally invasive and cost effective treatment using clear forms and composite material that is perfect for closing diastemas, filling in dark triangles and building up undersized or peg laterals.  



Oral Cancer Screening

Both of our hygienists attended a class on oral cancer screening.  Although, we regularly do oral cancer exams on our patients, it was a good refresher course.  We were again reminded of the prevelance of oral cancer and rise of HPV risk factors of oral cancer.


Dry Mouth

The hygienist learned of a new product available in a chew that will help with dry mouth, root surface sensitivity, and help to maintain the oral pH in your mouth.  The chews are chocolate flavor, sugar free and recommended use is twice a day (after breakfast and before bedtime).  They can be ordered for you in a 2 month supply. 

Medication and the Dental Patient

Both of our hygienists also attended a class in September on medications prescribed by the medical doctor and how health factors and medications effect dental treatment.  This class reinforced the reasons we take blood pressure and update health history on our patients.

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